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        1. Shitla Road Equipments

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          359, Gidc, B/h. Sarvodaya Bank, Dediyasan, Mehsana-384002., Mahesana, Gujarat - 384002, India

          Mobile : +91-9825031838

          Phone : +91-2762-224482

          Fax : +91-2762-224771


          Control Panel Board

          Control Panel Board

          Shitla Road Equipments, a trusted Manufacturer and Exporter of road construction equipment, brings to you a wide range of Control Panel Board, which has been designed to suit the requirements set by the market. We bring to you Control Panel Board available in an array of dimensions. This Control Panel Board is highly durable in nature and has earned high praise from our esteemed clients all over the world.

          The Panel Board consists of the following specifications
          • Facilities : AC Motor Controls - Main Burner Control-Bitumen Burner Controls
          • Bitumen Burner Controls : General Section
          • DC Motor Controls : Auto / Manual mode system
          • Micro processor unit with load cell system

          • All short circuits and overloads have MCB Protection
          • All AC and DC motors along with main load have Ampere Meters
          • All DC motors and main supply are provided with Volt Meters
          • DC Motors fault protection indication
          • Low Maintenance
          • Aggregate Control : Fully auto gradation for four bins
          • Auto calibration
          • Bitumen and Mineral Filler control
          • Temperature indication of mix material, Bitumen tank and Exhauster
          • Auto controlling of dryer and Bitumen Burner

          Used for
          • Construction purposes

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